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Wood Damage Termites

As a homeowner, you may be surprised at the amount of damage a termite can do. Even though these pesky insects are less than a centimeter in length, the amount of damage a termite can do far outweighs its small size. There is never just one termite inside a home – there are hundreds and hundreds. The worker termites are the ones who eat through the wood to provide nourishment to the rest of the colony, and they can really wreak havoc on a wood structure.

Termites eat wood and cellulose materials. They are especially attracted to wet or damp wood in dark places. They burrow into the wood by gnawing through the material and making trails through the wood that can weaken the wood itself causing problem with the integrity of the wood. The amount of damage a termite can do is multiplied by the fact that there is more than one termite working on the wood. They work together to get food for the colony and thus cause a huge amount of damage to your structure.

Most places that are targeted by termites within a structure are the wood beams and frames, window sills, sub floors, and door frames. When you look for the damage and know what to look for, you’ll be able to realize the amount of damage a termite can do to a home. It can be very surprising and even shocking. The first step toward saving your home or building is education. Know what to look for and how it can work against your home when you have a termite infestation.

One woman tells us that she had no idea about the amount of damage a termite can do. She never even thought about it until she felt a floorboard that was loose. She went outside and saw a swarm of bugs around the foundation of her house, and she began to do some research. A pest control company was called in and she found out that she did, indeed, have a termite infestation. What surprised her the most was when the termite inspector showed her the amount of damage that a termite could do as she looked into the hole the inspector had cut into her wall. She was amazed and shocked.

Don’t let yourself wonder about the amount of damage a termite can do. Do your research either in the library or online. Realize that if you have termites, they can really wreak havoc on your home or building and cause damage that could cost hundreds of dollars to repair. The amount of damage a termite can do is overwhelming, but you can stop the problem in its tracks if you act fast. So get busy!

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