Build A Garden Seat Using Woodworking Bench Plans

Steps To Build a Garden Seat Using Woodworking Bench Plans

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You must have seen gardens adorned with beautiful wooden benches and chairs in your locality and wished to have such things in your own garden. This is quite natural, as we always want to make our homes as decent as possible. But there are some practical problems. These are high cost material and spending several hundred dollars may not be possible.

Do not get disappointed. You can also turn your dream of sitting on a wooden bench under the Sun in your garden into reality! Sounds incredible? You can make those things yourself by using a wood working bench plan. Plenty of such plans are available in the market. You have to choose one that provides detailed information and matches your skill. Once you have chosen the best suited plan, then making this is only a matter of time.

Maybe you have followed articles on woodworking and know that making a wooden bench is not totally different from making beds and tables. Basically all woodworking projects need almost same type of techniques and as you complete more and more projects your skill and confidence will definitely shoot up.

Once the bench plan is finalized, you must have a complete list of everything including wood, tools & tackles and the sundries. For a bench making project you will need MDF sheet of different sizes, synthetic bamboo flooring sheets and pine board. You should also arrange wood adhesive, nails, and screws before you start the project. Fillers and spackles should also be kept ready hand.
Getting all tools ready is vital. It may be difficult for you to cut the synthetic bamboo sheets using a hand saw. As you would be doing many projects, better invest in power tools and get a miter saw, nailing gun, electric screw driver. These will save much time and you would be able to focus on the job without being fatigued.
While you will get elaborate details in the working plan, the following lines will let you know the basics.

1st Step
Cut two long and short sides from the MDF sheet. Nail the sides together for forming the base of the bench seat. Add more support by nailing stringers at equal distance across the long side.
2nd Step
Take some pre-cut small wood pieces for creating the square slots and nail those in the four corners of the base. Better to place another support in the middle for making it capable of withstanding much load.
3rd Step
Build five legs of equal length from MDF. These should fit into the square leg holders. Fix the legs in the holders firmly by applying wood adhesives while inserting into the groves.
Last Step
Now cut the synthetic bamboo sheet with a saw, and attach the same with the base using wood adhesive. Better use a miter saw for easy cutting. If you cannot arrange it, use hand saw for cutting.
This completes the project. You can combine different woodworking bench plans for making many things and can attain professional quality with time.

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