Easy As 1-2-3: Woodworking Bench Plans

Woodworking Bench Plans Are Easy & Simple

wood benches

Perhaps you have admired the beauty of the bamboo-cover furniture and thought how they make those so beautiful? There is no magic. In this article you will get a sample of woodworking plan that will tell how to construct a bamboo-covered bench.

There are many projects. But this is recommended as a startup because assembly of this is as easy as 1-2-3 even for beginners. In case you wish to make it yourself, but do not have any previous woodworking exposure, then it is the right project for you.

In case you have come across DIY enthusiasts, you must have noticed that all of them agree that when you learn the few basics of woodworking, it becomes absolutely easier to master the rest with time. No matter whether you are trying to make a bird house, dog pen, furniture, shelves or toys; the basic woodworking principles hold good for all of these. If you have a quality woodworking plan that gives the basics in details, you can build anything you want.

Any good bench woodworking plan must include the list of material and tools you will need to do the job. For this bamboo-cover bench project you need to arrange synthetic bamboo flooring, fiberboard sheet of both large and small sizes. You will also require some pine boards for completing the project.

For starting the project get a common hand saw for cutting smaller items and also arrange a large miter saw for the bigger size boards. Other than these, you will also require adhesives, nails, screws and a hammer for fixing. In case you have a mind to make woodworking a profession, it is better to get electric screw gun and electric nail gun for doing the job without exhausting out.
First, you would build a box using fiber board for using it as the seat of your bamboo-covered bench. Its shape should be rectangular with two long side and two short sides. The length of the bench will be equal to the measurement of the long sides of the box. Nail two equally spaced stringers across the long side of the box for adding strength and also nail small boards in all four corners to form squares.

The dimensions of these small square boards should match that of the legs to be fixed. Measure the squares and cut legs accordingly so that they fit well. Fix four legs in the four corners and an extra leg in the middle for making it strong and sturdy so that it does not collapse under heavyweight. Wood glue should be added to the legs before those are securely fixed. In this way you will able to make joint more strong and stable.

Once these are finished, it is time to add bamboo cover to the bench. To do this cut bamboo sheets exact to the various measurements of the bench and fix the sheet firmly using wood adhesive that has previously been applied on the bench surface. After the glue sets, you have your dream bamboo bench ready.

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