Great Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Small Wood Project Ideas

Great Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Small Wood Project Ideas

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While a remodeled kitchen and bathroom can add enormous value to the home, it can drain out several thousand dollars for completing the project. You can consider woodworking projects for revamping your bathroom without much cost involvement.

Learning woodworking is simple you can start from small projects to handle larger projects as your skill develops. Persons involved in hobby woodworking and thinking to make woodworking a profession, can try making of the following items for giving a facelift to the bathroom. These will help to learn many intricacies and further make him confident.

Making open face shadow boxes
Making furniture is not easy unless you have the skills and experience as well. Making an open face shadow box serves the dual purpose of trying your skills with a simple woodworking project and adding a modern accessory to the bathroom for giving a facelift. The box can be stained for complementing the existing tone in the bathroom. Better, make a set of three of varying sizes for using as an extra storage for towels, figurines, flowers etc. By doing this you will learn how to make these professionally and earn money. You can also search internet or go through magazines and journals for collecting information about wood working projects.

Building a freestanding shelf
Bathrooms of many homes suffer from shortage of space, especially when it is small. The only way to revamp such bathrooms is to utilize the vertical space that remains unused most of the times. You can make a freestanding shelf behind the toilet. This will render huge amount of storage space and will also deliver a sleek look. You can adjust size, number of shelves and color for complementing the overall decor of the bathroom. The best thing is to extend the shelf either form wall to wall or form floor to ceiling for maximum utilization of space.

Kitchen remodeling
Kitchen revamping can also be done in many ways. Many woodworking projects are available for that. You can rejuvenate the kitchen by changing a few things. In every locality there are shops that sell used appliances. If you visit the shops, you will find that most of these items look as good as new and you can get those for giving a facelift to your kitchen. For this, it is better to consult an expert professional for right guidance. Having Vinyl floor in the kitchen is a smart idea, as these can be maintained easily. These do not cost much and available in varieties of styles and colors are nice option for kitchen remodeling. You can also change the color of the kitchen to give it a different look.

Sharing with kids

Kids also love woodworking. Share some of the woodworking hobbies with them for enjoyment. You can entrust them to make a bread box, because making a wooden bread box is a unique idea for making a change in the kitchen. Other than this, they can help in making tissue box cover, birdhouse, step tool, jewelry box etc for adorning your home.

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