Wood Working Machines

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Wood Working Machine

Wood has been used to make different articles since long. Today it is used for different purposes as furniture, decorative articles, and many other purposes. The popularity of wood is because it is easily available and can be cut easily for making different articles. The wood working machines are the tools, which make cutting and wood working even more easy and convenient.

The wood working machines are wood working tools that are driven by a motor, which works on electricity or oil. They can be divided into two types as the ones, which are used for the smaller scale wood working, and the others are for the large-scale wood working. They are used for cutting, polishing smoothening, drilling of wood. The nail guns are useful for fixing the different parts together.

The small-scale wood working machines are mainly used today for making artistic articles, or furniture in small workshops, etc. the capacity of these machines is low. They may be further subdivided according to the mode of use. The two types are the hand held wood working machines and the fixed wood working machines.

Some examples of hand held small-scale wood working machines are biscuit joiner, chain saw jigsaw, electric drill, domino jointer, nail gun, rotary tool, etc. Some examples of the fixed small-scale wood working machines are the drill press, band saw, drum sander, jointer, bench grinder, combination machine, wood lathe, table saw, thicknesser, spindle moulder, etc.

Thus, small-scale wood working machines are available for all the tasks involved in woodworking. They are small sized and of lower capacity. Therefore, they are cheap and affordable to the people who want to set up a furniture repair shop or small workshop for wooden furniture and articles.

The large-scale wood working machines are the machines, which are large and have very large capacity. They are generally used in the factories which manufacture process timber to produce plywood, flat wooden panels, rods, etc which are assembled together to make furniture or used for other purposes. They are also used in factories, which manufactures furniture or wooden articles on a very large scale. Due to their large size and high prices, they are not used by the small-scale wood workers.

Some of the examples of large-scale wood working machines are the double end tenor, panel-dividing machines, machines for processing the edges of panels, machines used for boring or preparing holes in wooden pieces, assembling machines, etc.

The wood working machines have number of advantages. The wood working machines for each task in wood working are available. Moreover, there is also a lot of variety in their capacity. Because of this, they are available in different sizes and prices. So everybody can choose according to his need and convenience. One more advantage is that their parts around replaceable.

They are simple to use. Thus, they make the artistic and skilled job of wood working very simple. Improvements are taking place constantly their capacities, ability, are constantly improving.