Woodworking Ideas for Beginners: Small House Fixtures and Decor

Some House Fixtures and Decor Making Projects for the Beginners

Everyone loves wooden articles. Woodworking also provides a lot of enthusiasm. Turning a simple piece of wood into a gift item is something that is loved by everyone. If you have finished making small wooden gifts successfully, and have learnt some tricks and techniques of wood working project, then it is high time that you should handle some other woodworking projects. As a beginner, you should consider projects that are plain and simple.

In case you are thinking to take woodworking as profession, you have to face a tough challenge. It requires knowledge of designing, tools and tackles needed, skills to be mastered, aside from the knowledge of the wood to be used for the project. It is never advisable for a beginner to start a project that involves intricate craftsmanship. As a beginner, none is apt to do so. The only way is to start with some house fixtures and decors for improving skills and gaining experience. This will also help you do masterpieces after some time.
Here are few household wood working projects that you may start:

  • Cutting & finishing Wooden Boards
    Being a beginner you should start projects that can be done without much difficulty. Begin with cutting wooden boards. Although you may think this to be a childish task, this is very helpful to master the basics of how to do woodwork. For making any wooden article, you must know how to take measurements and cut the wood according to that. Further, this will also help you learn the finishing techniques. Such theoretical knowledge helps when you start making more complex wooden household items.
  • Making Wooden Picture Holders
    Displaying a photo on the table is always tricky. This can be solved by making wooden picture holders using wooden cubes, paints, glue and your visualization.
  • Wooden Bookends for your bookshelf
    This is really cool to start with. This is useful too. Just cut different geometric planes from a piece of reclaimed wood for using as unique bookends on the shelves. Never mind the imperfections.

This will add to the texture of the bookends:

  • Making Wooden Planter Box
    Once you are familiar with basics and are done with making picture holders and bookends you can think of making a wooden planter box. These rectangular and open-top wooden boxes are for holding soil for plants. Making these boxes you will have enough exposure in cutting woods to exact sizes, and also know how to make angles and joints for forming the box. Additionally, you will also learn how to drill holes with a drill machine as these boxes must have holes at the bottom for draining out excess water.
  • Crafting Wooden wine rack
    After you complete the above projects, your confidence will definitely boost up to attempt more complex projects. Crafting a wooden wine rack will help you to manage difficult projects. Making this you will learn wood shaping using a router, making tight joints and how to do quality finishing. Although this will take much time, the chick and classy end result will be rewarding.

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